Saturday, June 28, 2008

My most recent realization

I used to wish that everyone would be forced to set our watches and clocks at the same exact time in each time zone. Too many times I've been late to an appointment when I thought I was right on time, because my watch was slow, and "their" watches were fast. But the other morning when I was getting ready and heard an alarm go off at 7ish, and then another start to go off about 30 seconds later, and then a third one making the duet a trio just after that, I realized what a problem my innocent little wish could potentially create.

Imagine: if everyone's clocks and watches were set at the exact same time, then at 6:30 or 7 or whenever the most amount of people get up for work, a beeping sound from the culmination of every alarm clock in the entire time zone would ring out, waking up everyone, even the deepest of sleepers. And it may be so loud that we'd all go deaf... and I don't know enough sign language to get by. And maybe already-deaf people would take over the world because they'd have the advantage of already being able to communicate. And if we could no longer even hear our alarm clocks, how would we ever wake up for school or work or that breakfast date?

I'm really glad everyone's watches are set slightly off from each other's. In this case, diversity is something that may save many ears.


Earlier this week, I was awakened at the darkish and dreary hour of 6 am by pebbles of some sort being thrown at my window. I peered out suspiciously, but with my eyes behind an outdated prescription, didn't detect the culprit. This got me thinking...

How is throwing rocks at a window romantic?

I didn't necessarily assume that the thrower was an eager young man who wanted to run off with me, but I reflected upon the idea, as this is often done in the movies or sometimes in real life by the menfolk with these same romantic intentions. What if the pebbles didn't do the job, and the thrower threw something a little too big and the window broke? Oh the potential embarrassment! "Hey, I woke you up way before you wanted to be woken up, just to give you something to clean up, make the landlord/lady angry, and stress your tight budget!" And-- perhaps this would be a worse scenario-- what if the thrower actually succeeded in awaking his sleeping beauty? I can tell you this much, I look really funny when I just wake up. My hair is crazy and I'm squinting from behind before-mentioned glasses, and I'm disoriented in my pajama pants and over-sized T-shirt. Besides all that, I have quite a temper if I'm ever unnecessarily awakened from that beautifully rare phenomenon called sleep.

Turns out my sister was out for a run and just wanted to say hi. A little less exciting, and nothing embarrassing or problematic ensued. But I want all you male readers who are hopelessly in love with me to think twice before doing such a thing... it could turn real ugly real fast.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The name's Nancy. Nancy Fancy Pantsy.

My coworkers and I are working on our pen-spinning skills at work right now. Sometimes the billing department is behind and we have some down time. Facebook and Youtube are blocked here, so at times like these, we have to be creative and entertain ourselves in other ways. But when you work with Gabe and Brenden-Scott, there's never a dull moment. We talk and philosophize about relationships mostly... it's great.

Entonces, I decided to blog! Yay! I work in the Funding department of a Summer Sales Security Systems Company (like the alliteration?) and I spend a lot of my time looking at names. Some people have the weirdest names! Like "Morning" or "Andrewnetta" or "Pandora", or my favorite, "Joesph". And no, I didn't spell that wrong. I hope they don't pronounce it "Joe-s-ffff", but I don't know how else you'd say that. Anyhow, when there's nothing else to talk about, we'll call out a funny name we come across and then make fun of it for a while... it passes the time. One day I kept coming across the name "Barbara", and it made me think of a boss (named Barbara) I had a couple summers ago when I worked at an ice cream parlor place. She would always call me "Nancy". The first couple of times, I corrected her, but pretty soon it was no use. It was kind of fun to have an alternate ego. "Nancy" was a hard worker who was getting a little fat from all the ice cream samples and looked way stylin' in the generic hat and apron, soiled with dribbled Earnestly Chocolate. "Nancy" was responsible and efficient and happy and amazing at what she did. "Nancy" got paid hardly anything and only kept working there for a few months.

If you ever forget my name, but for some reason feel the urge to call me "Nancy", there's a pretty big chance that I'll answer to it. And if my answer is "A cup, or a cone?", don't be alarmed. Some habits are hard to break.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"It's like it's my birthday or something!"

Well, it was, about 42 minutes ago according to my clock on the bottom right corner of the computer screen, which is quite slow, which is the reason that I'm almost late to work every day. So, probably more than 42 minutes ago...

Yeah. I say that (see the title) when something really cool and happy happens, which has been a lot of times in my life. Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed with the kindness people show toward me. I feel like I have a birthmark on my forehead that says: "Be extra nice to this one." and everybody complies.

Like today, (well, a little while ago) it was my birthday, and I was standing in line with a really cool guy waiting to ride a ferris wheel. We thought that if we needed to pay for it, we could when we got to the front of the line. It was a really long line, and we had waited for quite a while, when suddenly we heard chatter about needing "tickets" of some sort. It turned out that the ticket selling booth was closed, and when we got really close to the front of the line we saw a sign saying "Tickets only, no cash accepted". I felt slightly anxious... I mean, it would've been okay not to go... it wouldn't have killed me, but we were so close, you know? And then, the people in front of us gave us (for FREE!) some tickets so that we could have a really fun time, and it was like it was my birthday or something.

Things like that happen to me even when it's not my birthday. I just feel so extremely blessed to have the friendships and associations that I have. And even complete strangers being so kind??! Life is beautiful. This isn't really my regular blog style, and it may seem a little cheesy and impersonal, but I just want to shout out to everyone who may read this, THANK YOU for your influence on me and for helping me not just have a great birthday, but also such a happy, incredible life!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Toodle-pip! I'm off to Spatula City!"

I came across this clip when I was youtubing the other day ("youtubing"? I youtube, you youtube, she youtubes, we were youtubing, they youtubed...) and I smiled a smile that ran all round my face two times (Rudyard Kipling: Just So Stories reference). I saw this commercial when I was young, and it's been a family inside joke ever since. We sing the little jingle at the end all the time. It was really funny to see it again. My favorite is "Bar Mitzvah" and "There's no better way to say 'I love you' than...". I love how you can find just about anything on youtube these days.

Also, last night I introduced Jeeves and Wooster to some friends who had never seen it. Man, that show is good. I love how after watching 50ish minutes of British Comedy, it's difficult to refrain from saying "Cheerio" and "What ho!" every so often. My friend Kendel seemed to really identify with Bertie Wooster, played by a younger and less crass - than "House"- Hugh Laurie. Why? I don't know. Maybe they share hilarity and slight awkwardness. (I only included that because I know that Kendel is a new reader ;) ) Anyway, I looked for the soundtrack on the internet and just found a lot of sites saying that the music was all out of print. :( Maybe I'll go to DI... sometimes people throw away the most valuable stuff. (insert hopeful smiley here)

I almost bought a blue acoustic guitar off of ebay just now. But then I realized that I don't have any money. I suppose I'll wait for my next paycheck.

I think I want to go to Ecuador in January. I'm still researching the possibilities. I'll keep ya posted.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Relay for Life

I had a really cool and touching experience last night. I went to the Relay for Life at a local Junior High School. I was invited by my friend Marybeth and thought it would be good to see what it was all about. The Relay for Life is a celebration for those who have survived cancer, and a memorial for those who have passed on because of it. People walk around the track, and the point is to have somebody from every team walking or running on the track all through the night. There were performers including KISS (no, really... and they look and sound scary!), movies playing, donuts, pizza, the choice of hot chocolate or coffee, friends, family members and it was just a really cool sight to see. It was fascinating to remember how many people that cancer affects, but it's great how it is becoming more curable than it was. Technology is getting better, doctors are careful and wise, and there is hope.

I am so grateful to be healthy. Every breath I take is a miracle. Life is wonderful!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I think it would be really fun to go on a roadtrip sometime soon... maybe just over a weekend or something. It's great to get on the road and sing along too loudly with the radio, snack on Pringles and other such necessary-for-road-trips-snacks, create fun memories, traditions, and inside jokes, and make fun of the names of small towns that you pass. I've been on many road trips with my family, so I have the authority to say that roadtrips with friends are a lot better. Part of it might be because I was traumatized as a child by having to sit on a lap all the way to California (or wherever else we'd go) for our annual road trip. We had 5 kids in my family at that time and only 5 spots in the car... let's just say it got pretty cozy. There we were, myself, my three brothers, my sister, somebody's discman, somebody's pillow, somebody's book, a half-dozen pens that had run out of ink, crumbs all over the seat, a bag open and ready for trash and/or vomit, and constant whining, "Are we there yet?"s and bickering. But hey, it builds character, right?

So, if you have any ideas where I should go on a roadtrip this summer, let me know. And if your name is Robyn Brough, then I'll want you to come along.

Click on the link. That's got to be one of my favorite Strong Bad Emails.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The most serious addiction plaguing our nation: Youtube

When I woke up, my mind was belting out: "Brown paper, white paper, stick 'em together with the tape, the tape of love: the sticky stuff!" If you want to understand my reference, see a pretty sweet jacket and vest, and have your culture become more rich with hilarity, and also maybe waste some time today, check out this video.


Others that are good from Flight of the Conchords:
Albi the racist dragon
Foux de fa fa

I wouldn't watch everything from them... I hear they're a little bit crass sometimes.