Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dawn clouds

power lines slice through faintly pink
dawn-streamed cloud

like kitchen's sharpest knife
effortlessly separating
the thick sweet blanket
of "cloud" that mom likes to make
with thawed whipped cream
hint of strawberry jello mix
generic brand of cottage cheese

God's recipe shows no sign
of Miss Muffet's preference
but in His broad bowl we call sky
long, thin leftovers of night
greyish blue

after my eyes have had their fill
the flavor tastes of orange
like mother's after I've already
removed the squishy mandarins

still changing
as rays begin peaking over lofty mountain tips
my eyes taste a
dampened, inoffensive lemon

all traces of night now seem but shadows
as sky lightens
and earth is made ready
for vibrant sun's

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