Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Running on eggshells

I'm blogging today mainly to move that Adam Sandler/Dianey Face transformation down the page a little. It's kind of creeping me out. I'm tired of it being the first thing that my fan from Bangladesh sees when they come to the site. :)

And now for an update of my lists! I do realize that I haven't listed all of my Top and Bottom 15 here, but if I did that, no one would ever have to talk to me in person. I'd just wear a t-shirt that says "Don't talk to me, just read my blog. " Actually... that's a good idea! More traffic.
Just kidding, I love talking to people!

Top 15:
-Meeting someone new and talking as if you share a secret or you know each other much better than you really do.

Bottom 15:
-When food goes bad, especially when it seems like you just bought it. I can never eat my bread and vegetables fast enough.
-When my ipod dies and says it needs recharging after it's been recharging for 5 hours. Usually I can bring it back to life though. :)

Quote of the Yesterday:
So I work with this guy named John who is mentally handicapped. We just play and read and do fun math problems. It's a blast! Yesterday I was counting for some reason (can't remember why) and our dialog went like this:
"1, 2..."-D
"Buckle my shoe"-J
"shut the door"-J
"9, 10"-D
"The big fat nun"-J
I almost cried from laughing.

Self Discovery:
You know how some people count their chickens before they're hatched? I count, name and either befriend or eat my chickens before the eggs are even warm in the nests. Sometimes I have my whole life planned out, and then I'm surprised when things happen differently from expectations. But these are growing experiences. For which I'm grateful. I have a lot of room to grow.

Over and Out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Manly Dianely

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

This is awkwardly hilarious. I was trying to be cool like Janae, and so I picked a picture I liked and, voila! Instead of someone beautiful like Grace Kelly, apparently I look like Adam Sandler. Kind of...creepy to be matched up looking like a man, but hey, he's funny, and I try to be funny so I guess it works.

Friday, October 10, 2008

"It is by loving...

...and not by being loved that one can come nearest to the soul of another." -George McDonald

This is profound. When it's a Friday night and I don't have a date and am definitely not dating anyone, it's easy to forget this, and feel a little grumpy about not being loved. It's easy to sigh and reminisce about past times when it seemed like I was the most important person to someone. That was a pretty neat feeling.

Sometimes it feels like there isn't as much purpose to life when you're single. You don't have someone depending on you to be there for them. You don't have someone that you can go to and tell everything to, and you know that they are genuinely interested in knowing (although, I share an awful lot with Robyn). It's easy to feel like you could disappear, to the library or to your bedroom, and no one would care anymore.

But then, just before the pity party starts, and the nerve impulse from my brain to my legs (to get up for some ice cream and plop on the couch and put in a chick flick, which would be living vicariously through some fake story where the music swells in all the right places and everyone is always perfect and attractive) has a chance to finish it's course, I start to think about things. As wonderful as it is to feel loved, what I really miss the most is the feeling I get when I love someone else. In that situation, I like who I am: happy and excited and ready to do whatever I can to show that person how I feel about them. Ready to find out how they need to be cared for, even if it's not how I would normally show it. I admit it: this is #1 of my Top 15. :D

I believe that one of our purposes on this earth is to come close to the souls of others. Why else are we born into families and have friends and so many opportunities to interact with other people every day? We can still feel joy from serving and loving and getting to know other people. It doesn't have to be such a concentrated, romantic love. Love in itself is very powerful.

Each of us have so much to offer the world and each other. Each of us have so much potential to love. And each of us can do so much good with this love.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The things I do for a little extra credit...

I went to the Testing Center with a quest. I didn’t have any tests to take, but I thought that this was the ideal place to go and break a social norm. I sat down next to a young-looking guy and got out my notes and book and looked as if I was studying and cramming. It was 8:45pm, and the last tests are handed out at 9, so if I really did have a test, it would make sense that I was anxious, like I had left it to the last minute. It was quiet and there were others nearby, also cramming for their exams. After about 3 minutes of my pseudo-study, I looked over at before-mentioned guy and said, “Excuse me”. He looked up. And so did everyone within earshot. Our dialog went something like this:
Diane: “Hey, um… I’m really nervous about this test. Would you give me a kiss for good luck?” (I tapped my cheek with my finger and tried to have a cute smile on my face)
Random Guy (with color creeping to his face): “No, I can’t.”
D: “Oh.” (in my mind, ‘"Can't"?! I didn’t even do a ring check. I thought he was a Freshman. I hope he’s not married. Ha! It doesn’t matter! I’m breaking a social norm! Did he not see my finger tapping my cheek? Did he think I meant a real smacker? Ha ha, this is funny!')
RG (blushing furiously now): “I’m sorry!”
D: “It’s okay. Bye!”
And I got up and went up the stairs. I waited about thirty seconds and then walked down them again, glancing to see if he was looking, but he had his head down and was studying (I presume) so I had safe passage out of the building.
When I got out of the testing center, I laughed probably a little too loudly. I was proud of myself that I had gotten up enough courage to do it. I felt a little bit dumb, but mostly just smiled at his reaction. It’s fun to let strangers know that you’re a little bit odd. My friends already know.

Monday, October 6, 2008

"I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!!"

- from the movie Elf

It's true, everyone. My heart is brimming with joy. I can hardly contain myself.

He's been there all along, but I finally realized that what I was feeling wasn't just a warm regard, but true LOVE.

Here's a picture, expertly created by yours truly through Paint, until I get my pictures up.

As for other news, I'm still looking for jobs and scholarships like crazy. This one made me laugh:

I don't know if I could live on that much. Or that little, rather.