Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear familia

Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a somewhat uneventful birthday although they have a tradition here in Honduras that they break eggs on your head on your special day. It happened to Hermana Meese serving in Santa Cruz (Area Villa Nueva, where I was before I was transferred here to Fesitrahn).

I can´t believe I´m 22. I haven´t felt the time pass.

We´re always praying for and teaching the Ordones family... Berta (la mama) was at church with us on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed the gospel docterine class, taught by Mariela, who is so energetic and excited for her mission (she´ll be leaving in January). Yesterday we were with them (the Ordones family) when the lights went out in the neighborhood, and watching Abby (age 10) light the candle and all the family there together in the dark made me think of President Uchtdorf and his experiences as a young child with the world war. It also made me think of how important it is to be prepared in this world, and what a comfort it is to have a family when times are difficult. The good thing is, the Ordones family is attending church, which will help them in their preparation. The bad/interesting thing is, Hermana Salazar and I are being transferred on Wednesday and so we´ll have to put our trust in the new missionaries to help them progress and be baptized. But I know that these things are in the Lord´s hands, and He is watching over His children here in Fesitrahn.

I love you all and miss you something terrible. :) I´m doing my best, although I feel very small in every way. Thank you for your prayers...
Hermana Francis