Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Biology Final

There once was a blood cell named Leuk(ocyte),
Who helped those who wanted to puke.
He called up his friends
To kill Antigens
Their names were Macrophage and Neuk(trophil).

Leuk fights the infectious disease(s)
Without him we'd be on our knees
(The measles and mumps
Keeping us in the dumps
With never a moment of ease).

I'm glad that I have this good friend
Immunity is what he send(s)!
I know if I'm sick,
The time-- it will tick--
But soon it (the illness, not time) will come to an end.

1 comment:

Paul Epperson said...

Your poem almost made me want to take another biology class. I hope you're having a good time in the windy city.