Friday, February 29, 2008


I honestly just started this blog because I'm excited that it's Leap Day and I wanted to see the website automatically write "February 29 2008". Silly, I know.

Simple things make me happy. Today I wore flip flops for the first time since probably October and it feels great! So liberating, as opposed to those shoes that make my feet sweaty and hot, or worse: the shoes that allow any type of wettish substance to leak through and make my socks wet. It's something that I just can't ignore, and it bugs me all day. But not today! The snow has nearly melted, and all but my allergies are wonderful signs that spring is approaching. Being a native to Utah, however, I am not beguiled into thinking that it is already here. I predict at least one more snowfall.

Today is a happy day. It's an extra day for me to do everything that I've been wanting to do for the last four years but haven't had time for. Which means for me, a day to have a party or go swing on a squeaky swing set or have a laugh attack, or something like that. My homework can wait for an ordinary day.

Happy Leap Day!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Giving In

Well, it happened. I've resisted for so long, but finally half of me gave in to the other. I've seen this trend other times, so I'm surprised that I'm surprised that I gave in. It happened with Facebook, my cell phone, my preferred music genre, as well as some of the current fashions of today. As much as I want to be different, a more persuasive, curious part of me wants to see what all the hype is about. By the time I conform, however, I've usually become one of the last to do so, and the norms begin to change again. And the cycle continues.

As a sociology major, I am learning of the major effect that society has on the individual. I'm sure if a sociologist were to have observed me, my influences, and those whom I associate with, they would've predicted that it was only a matter of time. Don't get me wrong, I believe in the power of personal choice. But in this circumstance, as in so many others, the social forces were very strong in effecting my behavior.

I can't promise that I'll post often. My posts will be sporadic and probably quite strange. But, as a virtual representation of me and my mind, I suppose they will have to be.