Friday, December 26, 2008


I was very spoiled for Christmas. Among my other presents came a flip mino. Pretty cool. Anyway, I don't know how often I'll be making useful or interesting videos, but with the simplicity of using it and getting the videos from it to the lappy, you may see more on my blog.

This was John at work today.

D:"Hi John, how are you today?"
D:"Good! Did you have a good Christmas?"
J:"oh yeah"
D:"yeah? Did Santa bring you a lot of good things?"
D: "what was your favorite thing that you got?"
J: "Diane."
D: "Yeah, I didn't get here til the next day, did I."
J: "Yeah."


Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Wildly White Christmas

Those of you in P-town: have you seen this glorious weather? And if you're not, but you've ever seen snow, I suppose I'm asking you too. I absolutely love it. It has snowed so much this year. Right now I'm sitting in the warmth of my apartment, gazing out the window (except for the occasional glance at the screen to be sure I'm continuing on with my impeccable spelling. Except the first time I spelled "impeccable" just now, the computer corrected me because I spelled it "impecible". Ha ha, ironic. How hypocritical of me. Or is it hippo-critical?) at the soft flakes drifting down, and that [fill this space with a word which is a simile of "amazing", "incredible", "beautiful", "awe-inspiring", and 20 mas o menos other terms all into one] sky. I love it when the sky becomes so white and bright in the middle of the night. What the heck, add it to my top 15.

I've been wanting to blog for some time, but keep getting "busy". Tonight, however, I decided that if I let it go one more day without at least leaving one post, I'll most likely explode. Too much blog-worthy material is swelling up in my brain. Potential posts about events that were frustrating, traumatic, silly, laugh-so-hard-you-cry-funny, etc. need to be born.

And so, for tonight I would like to write about something that happened last week, but, beware: it is not for the faint of heart. Hopefully I'll be able to get through it without getting the jibblies.

I enjoy brushing my teeth. It's a pastime, really. The other night, I was brushing along, minding my own business, when I decided it would be good to focus on how I brushed. Instead of a careless back and forth motion, I thought little circles on each tooth might be good to ensure for optimal cleanliness. I was concentrating hard and staring at those pearly-not-perfectly-white-but-our-society-makes-this-a-bigger-issue-than-it-needs-to-be-I-mean-why-would-you-buy-teeth-whitening-strips-when-you-could-donate-that-money-to-an-actually-important-cause s in the mirror, when my eyes started wandering up the handle of the toothbrush. And then a sudden realization stilled my circles. This was not my toothbrush. Glancing up at the toothbrush holder, my fears were confirmed by seeing mine, sitting there, stationary and unused. How long had I been using the wrong one? They were both purple.

I didn't tell my roommate.

Merry Christmas! If you are in a funny mood and it's really late, check out this link. So very weird, but I love it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Comment on the last post

I don't know if that made sense. In my dream, I actually thought about how I needed to blog about what was in my dream. Not after I woke up. Over and out.

Addicted to Blogging... sorta

I had very vivid and bizarre dreams last night. The funniest thing though, was thinking when I dreamt (dreamed?) up something strange, 'Wow. I really need to blog about this.' That is often what I think when anything strange or noteworthy happens in my day. :) When I don't write on my blog since... December 5th or so (for example), it's because of a lack of time and creativity. So... this one's just a teaser. I still don't have time or creativity. Until next time!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thoughts of Late

Culture is so huge in shaping the way we think about everything! The idea of arranged marriages came up in my Social Psych class, and the girl next to me said "Oh, that would be awful!" as people audibly gasped or squirmed in their seats, wondering aloud how people could really marry for any reason other than love. Just because we don't agree or understand something, doesn't mean the whole world feels as we do. Many of our notions of what is "universally" right or wrong are in reality western and modern ideas.

Yesterday we were watching The Truman Show, and I thought of how this movie would only appeal to an individualistic culture such as ours. Isn't it funny when you have a small stain on your shirt and you're so agitated, worrying that people will notice and think you're a slob, when in reality they're all worrying about their bad hair day or zits or whatever the case may be?

With Christmas approaching, I've started to think about the gift. Why are gifts given? Out of obligation? Out of love? Out of tradition? Do you buy someone a really nice gift so that they'll buy you a nice one the next year? Is it a power trip?

Yep. Just some ideas. This post is probably really run-on-sentence-y and lacks wit and charm, but it is as the title claims: it's what I've been thinking about lately, and it's quite late. 1:48 am. I should go to bed.


Gloomy, burdened, dark with pain
It’s cause I could not find
It slowed my step and thoughts of me
Were flooding up my mind.

Then suddenly, through some small sort
Of miracle I guess,
The cold wind stilled and sunshine brightly
Lit upon my face.

I felt such joy and gratitude
And that I will get by.
I am convinced it was a gift:
That comfort from the sky.