Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Poet's Query"

On Thursday nights, a poetry night is held at my apartment complex. We have a free write for 5, 10, maybe 30 minutes and then share what we come up with. Then we read poems written by actual famous people. :) It's pretty fun, and really nice to just unwind and allow myself to spit something out onto paper. Kinda like blogging: quite therapeutic for me. This is what I came up with tonight.

What shall I write of?
It seems the books
are bursting at the bindings
with poems of love
or nature's glories:
of rain, leaving tear stains
on Mother Nature's weathered cheeks.
Surely this should not add to the masses.
What is my purpose?
Shall I write with hopes
to change a life, a nation?
or to simply scrawl my thoughts down,
leaving this, my fragile poem
unfinished and...


Naazju said...

Wow, Dianey. That was beautiful. You're so talented!

Fredjikrang said...

I agree! That is great! :D

Paul Epperson said...

And what?

I love your writing.

PS. Thanks for always caring for me. It means a lot.