Friday, March 9, 2012

(Creepy Music.... Spirally Titles Flashing...)

No, this is not the twilight zone. I know it has been A YEAR AND A DAY since I have written anything on this beloved Blog, but I have repented and here I am again. For those of you who have me on your google reader or sidebar (etc), I'm sorry to have neglected you.

Much has happened in this past year. I have become a completely different person, as I have taken the hand of the Savior and stepped out of my darkest days. I'm sure I'll share some reflections about it when there's time.

But to share something funny, today I trespassed upon a break-room and pretended to be an employee until I had finished my leftovers for a quick dinner break between tests (I had 3 today!)I opened the fridge and went about, heating up the meal, when I saw a couple very focused on themselves/each other and nothing around them. I still assumed they had seen me, at LEAST in their peripheral vision, but soon discovered that either they thought they were very much alone, or were simply disgusting, inconsiderate creatures, as they started kissing passionately for a VERY long time. I didn't expect to see a PG-13 movie today, especially at BYU! When they finally looked up and saw me (I averted my eyes and pretended I hadn't seen --or heard-- this obvious pda,) they didn't seem embarrassed or apologetic. I found a table in the same room but behind a partition, as I had a plate of warm food, my backpack, my water bottle and couldn't conveniently find another place to eat. And as soon as I was out of sight (but still within hearing range) the disgusting sounds began again. I am so grateful Paul doesn't let me show much pda. Being on the other side, it is GROSS!

Love you all, I'll post again soon. Keep reading!


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