Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Like a pack of sardines...

This morning I took the bus to school. All was fine, I was gonna be ontime and everything, and then we stopped by a place where freshmen live. And there were so many people waiting for the bus. They piled on by 5s 7s 11s, until all the seats were filled. And then they kept piling on until there was a long line of people all the way down the aisle. But they kept on coming. Until we were all so squished, I was afraid to breath so as to not disturb the atmospheric pressure. There were probably 300 people on a bus that can have 45 (if that). And then we started moving. Tentatively... forward. We all laughed and screamed "NO!" As we saw a guy running to catch the bus.

Amazingly the bus driver stopped to pick him up.

It was pretty funny.